Newly added to the collection. An aggregate for searchlight 110 .220 and 380



Newly added to the collection. An English map bag from 1945 recently found in Arnhem

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September 1, 2022 at 1 p.m.

Official opening of the exhibition

"Out of Ammo" in the Walburgis Church

The Walburgiskerk is only open for invited guests on this day.

The museum in Schaarsbergen is closed on this day.

The exhibition in the Walburgiskerk provides an overview of daily life

in wartime and of the fighting at the Rhine Bridge during the Battle of Arnhem.
For this purpose, situations have been simulated in various themes with original objects from
that time such as vehicles, weapons and equipment of German and English soldiers.
The name of this exhibition refers to the legendary words Major
Digby Tatham-Warter at the foot of the Rhine Bridge, when he died because of a
lack of ammunition forced it to surrender to the Germans.
Unique are the original parachutes that can be seen fully opened in the domes
of the church. The exhibition is an impressive experience and a must for
anyone interested in the battle of Arnhem.

The exhibition “Out of Ammo” is part of the Arnhem War Museum . A visit to the
largest private war museum is definitely worth a visit.

The exhibition is now also on view.

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