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Donors and donations



The Arnhem War Museum '40-'45 Foundation has a circle of friends who have good relations with the museum and who actually support the museum.

In addition to the income from entrance fees, the contributions of our donors are indispensable for the survival of the museum.

They enable the museum to develop additional activities and to realize thematic temporary exhibitions.

If you also want to become a friend/donor of our museum, you can download the registration form here and return it to us by post.


The museum has been designated by the tax authorities as a "public benefit institution". For more information about donations and the tax authorities, click here . For information about the ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Institutions) click here . In both cases you go to an external link.


In return for your financial contribution, you have the privilege of visiting the museum for free as often as you like.




The museum regularly receives donations of materials and objects from people who want their donation to be exhibited with love and care for a wide audience.
These donations contribute to the survival of the museum and to increasing knowledge about the war years among young and old.
Also, donations of a financial nature are an option that offers tax advantages.

Are you considering a donation? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to talk to you.

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