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The Arnhem War Museum

The Arnhem War Museum first opened its doors to the general public on the 27th of May 1994. What once started as a hobby has now taken shape in a unique museum, at both local and regional level. War museums are located in various places around the world that house collections that are focused on specific periods or specific events of that time.


In addition to a general overview, the Arnhem War Museum also gives an accurate picture of what happened in Arnhem and the surrounding area during the years of war. The purpose of this private museum is to keep the memory of this important episode in history alive and to preserve a unique collection for posterity.


The collection has partly been made possible by individuals who are in possession of unique materials. The museum regularly receives donations of such materials and objects from people who want their donation to be exhibited with love and care for a wide audience. These donations contribute to the survival of the museum and to increase the knowledge about the war years among young and old. We therefore ensure that the memory of the Second World War is safeguarded for the future and future generations and cherished forever. It often happens that people come to our museum or send an e-mail with photos of various materials from this period. Not only from the Netherlands, Germany or England but also from other countries involved in the Second World War.

Doumenten Nederlandse soldaat
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